Home Security and the Ways Movies Make Us Paranoid

We’ve all been exposed to the Hollywood Horror flick in which a poor innocent victim is suddenly attacked for no apparent reason, or a young woman at home suddenly finds herself face to face with a weapon-yielding intruder. While the world can be a dangerous place at times, it is nowhere near as scary or mean as the news or movies depict it to be and you should approach your home security and safety with a reasonable means of perspective.

By all means you should install a home alarm system if you don’t already have one, as it is a pragmatic and reliable way to ensure that you and your family members remain safe in your home. An alarm will immediately alert the police in the event of an emergency and as long as it is activated, can be trusted to watch over your home both while you are in it and for those times when you leave for a prolonged period of time. It is easy to install and takes virtually no effort on your part, as all you have to do is ensure that you activate upon entry and deactivate it when you leave.

Movies and the media for that matter have a way of making the world seem much more frightening than it is; as if a villain is lurking around every corner or as if there is some sort of constant impending doom ready to manifest itself. The fact of the matter is that most attackers know their victims so it is quite rare for a stranger to attack you inside your home for no reason whatsoever. This does not mean that you should take your home security lightly, but rather that there is no need to become paranoid or to feel fearful every time you enter your apartment alone.

A home alarm should provide adequate protection for you, along with locking your doors and closing your windows at night. If you exercise a moderate amount of caution and simply take into account that you live in the densely packed environment that is a city, than you should be fine. There is no reason to believe the myth that the media perpetuates about the world being a hostile and unsafe environment. Simply be aware of your surroundings and exercise a reasonable amount of caution. There is no need to be overly fearful or paranoid, after all suspense sells. A movie about a sleepy town where nothing ever happened but friendly smiles, would not pack the theater.

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For more info on how you can take the initial steps toward making you home a bit safer check out home security systems. Also, look into home security companies for great deals and service.

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Need a Safe? Consider Your Options.

When purchasing a safe there are a lot of options. Fire rating, burglary rating, gun safes, cash safes, drop safes, floor safes, etc… Before making a decision, consider what you are going to put in it.

  • Collections (Stamps, Baseball Cards, etc…)
  • Depending on the value of the collection, most people really only need a fire rated safe. For home owners protecting flammables, we recommend at least 1-hour of fire protection. A fire rating means that the paper content within the safe will not ignite for the length of the fire rating. Only if your collection is extremely valuable, will you want to consider both a fire and burglary rated safe.

  • Tax Returns, Insurance Papers, Wills, Passports, etc…
  • Safes with at least 1-hour of fire protection should suffice for homes less than 3,000 sf. Safes with up to 2-hour fire ratings are available for larger residences or businesses.

  • Jewelry or Other Items of Large Value
  • You need to consider the value of the jewelry. We always recommend burglary rated safes for collections over $2,000. When you are protecting valuables it simply doesn’t make sense to skimp on a safe and purchase anything less secure. Burglary rated safes typically come with 2-hour fire ratings so they can easily protect documents as well. Gun safes are a good option. Though not officially burglary rated, they come with many of the same security features and you get much more safe for the same price point.

  • Corporate Records (Data disks, employee files, etc…)
  • For sensitive data storage, you want a safe with both fire and burglary protection. Many come with water protection as well. Fire protection should be at least 2-hours to sustain the heat generated and length of burn of large building fires. Data safes are ideal as their ratings are more aggressive in order to protect disks and tape records.

  • Firearms and Guns
  • Gun safes come with and without fire protection, as well as a wide range of miscellaneous options depending on your needs. If your main interest is simply to keep young children away from the firearms, low end and less expensive safes will suffice. If you are protecting a valuable collection the larger, fire protected safes may be desired. We see many homeowners and businesses use gun safes to protect cash, valuables, and paperwork because the price per square inch is inexpensive when compared to other safes. They come with no fire rating, 30-minute, 1-hour, and 90 minute fire ratings.

  • Cash Management (for businesses that want to protect frequent cash drops–such as restaurants)
  • Drop safes, Deposit Safes, or Money Management Safes can be used to protect cash accrued throughout the day. Drop Safes allow for frequent cash drops and can be mounted under counters. Deposit safes are larger and used for more permanent storage. These safes offer no fire protection so they are not recommended for long-term storage.

    Money management safes can also have different sections. One section allows for access to daily or limited founds and another section remains isolated with owner-only access. Some come with several drop sections to accommodate deposits from separate shifts or managers. The lower section may have a fire rating.

  • When Secrecy is Your #1 Concern
  • If you don’t want someone in your home knowing there is a safe there, floor safes are a great option. In our opinion, wall safes just don’t offer enough storage space to be useful. The best time to install a floor safe is during construction. Floor safes can only be installed after the foundation has been poured if the foundation is not post tension. To identify a post tension slab look for a marking stamped into the concrete at the entrance to the garage.

    Irregardless of the safe, we always recommend bolting the safe down to secure it. Safes can be safely bolted in post tension slabs when done so by a professional.

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Robert Vallelunga is the owner of ACME Locksmith, The #1 Rated Phoenix Locksmith Service. If you’re shopping for a safe, consider visiting our website to Buy Safes Online.

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What is Home Alarm Monitoring?

Home alarm monitoring is a service offered by a lot of providers who specialize in selling the equipment. However, monitoring of your home security system is also a task that is performed by companies for alarm or security systems belonging to other manufacturers. The aim of home security monitoring as a service is to ensure the satisfaction of the customer or homeowner when they are away on vacation for a considerable time period. A home alarm monitoring system that is available and operative round the clock is a unique option as there’s 100% security available. A common measure used for guaranteeing cent percent security is to add external lights for deterring burglars.

Homeowners can actually save on a lot of money by using the home alarm monitoring that can be run on solar power. This is a feasible alternative especially for the walkway or porch. You also need to ensure that all the doors and windows are locked when not being used since a lot of us forget to implement this basic safety measure. Isn’t that a good idea, instead of having to rely exclusively on technology for ensuring home security? When you are employing a security system, you actually trust the brand to look after your business or home property. Hence, it is best to make a calculated choice instead of hurrying it up.

You can always shop around for the security alternative that suits you best since monitoring the installation should be done responsibly and professionally. If the latter if the case (viz. the installation is a professional one), the home alarm monitoring is covered by a guarantee. Installations may be wired or wireless and if they are monitoring the points of entry, the wired option is the best as wires can be positioned over the doors and windows. According to the processes of basic installation, in case there’s a break in, the alarm trips.

Professional home alarm monitoring takes a well informed view into the aspect of home based security. While making the purchaser of the service, the homeowner is required to make sure that the fire or police department is notified in case there’s a theft or burglary. This part of the monitoring method is extremely essential as the homeowner may need a high end model that signals the respective security authorities as they may not have the option to call them up. Certain home alarm systems or setups send in a beep alert to confirm whether calling the emergency authorities is at all required.

Whatever your choice, it is always best to seek recommendations and make the right kind of installation.

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Home alarm monitoring – Our 24-hour Alarm Monitoring services are U.L. Approved with fast response times.

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Metal Detectors for Sale: Surf the Net!

It is just a good thing that we have metal detectors to turn to when our metal objects sometimes get out of hand. They will help us find our necklaces, rings, earrings and all those jewelry that just fell somewhere around the house. The good thing with detectors is that we don’t have to bend too low for long periods of time. But where to go when we’re out of time and we need to order a metal detector?

The Internet: How it helps

The internet is indeed a blessing in this fast-paced world and time. It provides us with a lot of things to save our precious time. We can now send emails instead of letters that sometimes never arrive to where they should. In addition to that, the internet also provides us with online stores to make our shopping experiences more convenient and easy.

Buying products has become a lot more convenient and easier with the presence of online stores. Imagine, ordering a product is just an internet connection and clicks away! You wouldn’t have to walk or drive miles away just to go to the nearest stores and supermarkets. You just have to sit down, turn the computer on, and do the shopping together with your other businesses. It’s just a good thing that for people like us who want to know where metals hide; there is also an available metal detectors online store available on the web.

If you are a very clever metal detector buyer and you want to make the most out of your money, then this online store is the one for you. It allows you to conveniently compare prices and brands such as Garrett, White’s and a lot more. The usually tiresome process of finding the perfect product has become a little enjoyable and convenient with it around. So the chances of regretting in the end because you bought a metal detector of poor quality are lessened. But if even with this, you still find yourselves owning something you don’t want, the only reason for that is you clicked too little. Don’t be a lazy clicker next time!

Now that you know what the Internet can do for you, make the right move and go online when you want to buy your own metal detector, whether it is for security reasons or just to have fun. The online stores and websites there could really help.

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which gives people an ideas about the different href=”http://metaldetectorsforsaleguide.com/
“>Metal Detectors for Sale

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Can Anti-theft Systems Guard Your Home From Lock Picking Looters?

Lock pickers are what we call looters who can get past locking mechanisms and bolts. One way to inhibit them is to fix alarms that alert you and your community of the presence of these thieves. But there are cases when looters still find their way inside the building even with these alarms constantly in place.

If you are like most homeowners who take a look at the news daily, you’re probably wondering if these alarm systems can really give protection to you. There are still houses getting robbed by thieves even with these systems in place. We instantly assume that the constituents of present-day and high-tech alarm schemes are produced so that innocent criminals will get caught. But what about the clever ones who are thinking one step ahead of the home owners and the producers of these units?

How do they do it?

Don’t get me wrong, these devices that I am talking about are the types that will not easily fail to function. Adverts promoting these gadgets are often dead on correct in telling what they can do. On paper, these gadgets can really defend your home from looters.

But there are some typical limits of warning systems that you should know about. First is that they respond in an almost robotic manner. The fact that these are automated is already a weak spot. Automated systems can be very predictable, especially if the way they act in response to prompts are well known. If a system responds the same way always, with no exceptions, there are ways to get around triggering them.

False Alarms

One good example of how intruders get past these systems is the incidence of “false alarm”. If a home owner’s lawn detector often beeps because of the presence of undomesticated birds, rodents or other animals, the tendency of the home owner is to turn the bell off to prevent disturbing the neighbors. It may be that there really was a surprising rise in wild bird population in the zone, but what if the intruders themselves set up the diversionary process so that the landlord will shut down the siren? It could take place, and in fact, it has already happened in some places.

Waiting it Out

On occasion, keeping a shed full of unnecessary things near the lawn can be dangerous. Why? These sheds can be the hiding places of looters. A locked garage full of your gardening stuff can seem like a beacon for criminals who don’t mind waiting for the perfect time to ambush.

All it takes is a crowbar access to the garage and the thief can lurk around your house unnoticed. This is specifically true if the garage is defenseless because you think there is nothing to give protection to. If the criminal knows that your scanner goes on at a specific time and rests for a particular period before it scans the garden again, then he can find the correct time to move out of his hiding location and transfer to the front door.

Generally , the more uncomplicated a procedure is, the more it works. The most effective way to prevent burglars from going in is to fix the most useful locks and comprehend the way looters pick locks. Knowing the procedure will keep you knowledgeable and well aware with the features of a locking instrument that can make it troublesome for criminals to break in.

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The undertaking of lockpicking is straightforward enough if someone knows what he is doing. Find out more about the method thieves operate by studying books and references on how to pick locks.

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Home Security for Living with a Senior.

People who live with their elderly parents or grandparents have a lot to think about in order to keep their home safe for themselves and their parents to live in. This is because when you live with someone who is in advanced stages of aging, there are different concerns that come up when making sure that your home is a safe place to live in.

One thing that people need to think about when they are making their home more secure for an elderly person is making different areas of the house more accessible to that person. This could mean a variety of things from moving around furniture to installing railings and handles. For instance, if your parent or grandparent needs to go up and down a set of stairs in your home in order to get to and from their bedroom to the kitchen and dining room, let’s say, you are going to need to install railings on the walls down the stairs. As people age they are more susceptible to getting hurt when they slip and fall, so having a railing to help them up and down will do a lot to help prevent slips. It is also a good idea to make sure that stairs stay clear of debris and are never slippery or wet. You may want to install carpeting or secure a fabric runner down them so they wont be as slippery as wood.

It also may be a good idea to install railings in your bathroom area inside the shower and alongside the toilet. Showers and the tile area in bathrooms can cause a real home security risk for everyone, but more especially for elder people who’s reaction time to grab something to catch their fall is much slower than a healthy adult. If there is a railing, seniors can hold on to it while they are helping themselves into the tub or shower. Also, like on the stairs, its beneficial to lay cloth bathmats over tiled areas and to make sure there is always a rubber or plastic mat inside the shower so that the tub is less slippery to prevent falls.

In addition to these things you can install and put into your home, its advisable to get a home alarm that your parent or grandparent can sound if something were to go wrong while you werent home or can’t hear them because you’re outside or out of ear shot. There are various alarms that one can purchase for such a situation that can either be installed in every room or that the elderly person can wear around their neck or wrist. Depending on the person and situation, these options can be evaluated and you and your parent or grandparent can choose what’s best. Usually such an alarm is easily hooked up to your home alarm so you don’t have to use two companies and simple research or a quick phone call can get you most or all of the answers you are looking for.

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All About Home Security System

Home security is a worldwide concern for all. Nowadays, a large number of home security products are available in the market. Further in this topic we are going to talk about home security systems in detail.

If you really love your family then you must go for such house safety products. They could certainly help you a lot. Home safety is the most noteworthy thing for each and every landowner no matter he lives in an individual house or a large apartment. So, make sure you read this article properly.

If you want to enjoy an ideal peace of mind when away from your kids and home you should get a proper home safety system installed in your home. It is of utmost importance. These days’ different types of safety cameras are used to keep an eye on the visitors visiting the home. Through these cameras you can certainly prevent a lot of thefts. There are a few times when you urgently need to leave your kids alone at home. So, in such times you need a security system that ensures safety for your family.

Now, we are going to talk about different types of home safety systems. Home safety arrangements are widely divided into two parts named Indoor and Outdoor home security systems. We are going to talk about both of them in detail.

1.The Indoor system

Such a security system is installed mostly on your doors and windows. These are quite helpful in keeping an eye on the inside happenings of the house. They also keep a check on the movement of windows or doors. They work on the phenomenon of motion sensors.

2.Outdoor security system for your home

This system keeps an eye on the movements outside your house, mostly on your ground. It can even catch the smallest of factions. These types of systems are also used in some of the cars. So, we can conclude that it is quite a handy security system.

So, these are some of the best types of security systems. Most of these systems are either battery operated or electricity operated. You can choose anyone according to your choice. If you live in large apartment then you can go for certain expensive home security systems such as CCTV cameras. They are quite expensive. But could really make you feel secured.

So, this was all about home security systems in detail. Don’t forget to go through this article once.

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To wireless or not to wireless, that is the question

I hear talk about the disadvantages of wireless cameras and their use in the home. The disadvantages of wireless cameras can be easily overcome with some very simple steps. The first thing I keep hearing about is the interference with other wireless devices. If you have cordless phones or wireless routers in your home or office they will interfere with transmitters that are on the same frequency so when choosing a wireless cameras system simply avoid buying cameras that are on the same frequency as those devices. For example if you have a 900 MHz cordless phone, go with a 2.4 GHz wireless camera. If you have a 2.4 GHz device at your home go with a 900 MHz transmitter. If you happen to have a 900 MHz cordless phone and a 2.4 GHz router then try the 5.4 or 5.8 GHz transmitter as you’re not likely to find 5.4 or 5.8 GHz devices in your home or office, and there are still other frequencies you can use if all else fails. So as long as you are willing to do a little research in your home or office, before you buy, you should be OK.

I hear about weather being a factor, well you probably don’t have too much rough weather in your office or home, and if the camera is outside and you have a good system with enough range (which equates to power) you should be alright. Really horrendous weather that may affect your cameras would probably limit the activity of things to film anyway.

There is a lot of talk about line of sight and terrain being a factor, and it is, but again there is not going to be a lot of terrain in your home, if you lucky, or unless you happen to live in a cave. I have a friend who…, well that’s a story for another time. When dealing with line of sight, things like walls and floors will affect the transmission range of a wireless system, but if you take into account where the cameras is going to be, or might end up to be, and where the receiver will be, you can purchase a system with enough ‘line of sight’ to compensate. For example if your camera and recorder are going to be 100 foot apart but there are two walls in between, then you want to add about 200 to 300 feet to the range (300 to 400 feet for an exterior wall). So if the camera and recorder are 100 feet apart with two walls then get a system with 700 feet line of sight range. If you are going building to building and you are 500 feet apart with two exterior walls to deal with, then go with a system with 1000 foot range, and so on, and you should be ok. There are readily assessable transmitters with 100 feet to 30 miles ‘line of sight’ range.

So now we come to the lens. I hear people say that wireless cameras usually come with a wide angle lens which makes everything in the picture smaller and harder to make out faces and such. While that is true, it is very easy to get the camera you want, with the lens you want and pair it up with a transmitter/receiver with the right range (power) for your situation. The two plug together with a simple snap. There is no rule that says you have to buy the two already put together and it is just as easy to but the two items separate as it is to buy them assembled.

The biggest problem I hear about is people ‘stealing the signal’. While that is a valid concern, it can be dealt with without too much effort. You can encrypt the signal, which involves more equipment or you could take steps such as putting ‘blinders’ on the transmitter. You have seen blinders on a horse, so the horses eyes won’t wander while pulling a plow or wagon, well you can do the same thing with a transmitter. Most people trying to steal a video signal will be outside in a car driving through the neighborhood with a wireless scanner. So set your ‘blinders’ up so the transmitter is aiming at the receiver and the blinders, which must be made of metal, are blocking the signal from the street or other areas of that may be a potential risk. You can also take into account the range, and set up a system that will not reach the street. Set the wireless camera, if possible in an area where it has to go through more walls to reach the street than it does to reach the receiver, keeping in mind that the transmitter does not have to be right next to the camera but can be anywhere within say 50 feet and connected by an extended RCA cable. So there are ways around possible signal theft.

Those 5 topics listed about are the most talked about concerns with a wireless system. I am not trying to downplay the advantages of a hardwired system but sometimes stringing a cable from the camera in the nursery upstairs to the recorder in the office downstairs is just not feasible. So wireless or hardwired you’re in good shape, as long as you access the situation before you purchase. Most dealers will be willing to go over your individual needs before you make your purchase. Talk to a professional and then decide for yourself, whether you want wireless or hardwired, and then go catch the bad guys.

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An Effective Personal Self Defense Plan

We all know, as the unemployment rate rises, so does the crime rate. Weather you live in the city or the country crime is an unfortunate statistic. Carrying a personal self defense device is a good idea for any law abiding citizen. A self defense spray, high voltage mini stun gun or personal alarm is a great way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Deciding which one is right for you depends on your personal needs, circumstances and comfort level.

In a situation where you are able to see your attacker, such as when you are leaving work or going to your car after a day of shopping at the mall, a high voltage mini stun gun and a personal alarm with a key ring is a great combination. Before you leave the building, have your personal alarm and keys in your hand. Switch your mini stun gun to the ready or on position and either have it in your hand (best) or easily accessible. You can clip it to your purse strap or belt, or put it in an easy to reach pocket. You now have an effective personal self defense plan.

If you feel you are in danger of being attacked, activating your personal alarm or a quick burst of your mini stun gun will usually send your potential attacker running. If they are still not convinced (no one said criminals are smart) a few seconds of contact from your high voltage mini stun gun will give you more than enough time to run for safety. Once you are in a safe location, call 911 and give them the location of the incident, your current location, and if possible a good description of the attacker. And of course follow the 911 operator’s instructions and do not hang up until you are told to do so.

Remember these key points and you will have the upper hand in any situation. Try to stay calm and alert. Criminals are desperate and not thinking rationally. Remaining calm will give you control of your situation. Having an effective personal self defense plan that includes a high voltage mini stun gun and a personal alarm on your key chain could be the difference between being a victim or a survivor.

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I have been practicing martial arts and self defense for more than 25 years. My self defense training began in the early 1970′s when my father, now a retired police officer, decided to teach my brother and I how to defend ourselves.
Currently I own and operate a website selling home security alarms, personal self defense products, child safety products and instructional self defense videos as well as many other personal safety and security items.

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Protect your Elders: Install a Home Security System

Being an elder living home alone can be scary. Sometimes the elder feels safe and capable of living on their own but when dealing with an elderly loved one we often worry more and more about their health and safety once they near an older age. Many elderly have fears of being lonely, fears of not being able to maintain home repairs, fears of taking medications incorrectly or forgetting to take them at all, and most often fears of falling down or having something happen to you and not being able to reach help in time. Whatever it is that you fear as an elderly person, or as a loved one of an elderly person, you can rest more assured with the installation of a home security system.

The risk of falling down increases with age and is more likely to occur in women as opposed to men. 2/3 of the people that fall will fall again within the next six month. While one can attempt to prevent the falls in the elderly simply by increasing calcium intake and gaining more exercise it is inevitable that eventually our muscles begin to deteriorate and the likelihood of a fall begins to increase. Not only should elders take care of their bodies and be sure and not stand on high stools or walk up steep stairs but also we should plan for what to do in case an elder does happen to fall down. With the installation of a home security system one can simply touch a button and a signal will be sent directly to your security provider so that an emergency medical service can respond within moments.

While installing a personal emergency response system is a great first step to safety amongst elders there are all sorts of different safety precautions that one should take into account once we age. Make sure to install a peephole in your door so that you are not simply opening your door to strangers. Keep your home well lit at night and make sure to keep all windows and doors locked at all times.

Knowing your neighbors and establishing some sort of a neighborhood watch is also a great way to maintain safety in your neighborhood. Simply letting your neighbors know that you would like them to take a look after the house and notice if anything suspicious is going on will remind them to think about it every now and then.

While many often think of home security systems as a way to keep people that you don’t want in your home out of your home, however, it is also a way to protect the people within your home as well. Many home security plans these days include fire alarms, carbon monoxide protectors, as well as the normal alarm system. By thinking about all of these aspects of home safety you should be guaranteed a safe and happy home.

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